Portsmouth Herald Endorsement

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Read the endorsement of my campaign by the Portsmouth Herald.

The Portsmouth Herald endorses the following candidates for City Council:

Stefany Shaheen

Stefany Shaheen’s last name is a blessing and a burden. She has high name recognition from her mother, Jeanne Shaheen, a U.S. senator and former governor, and her father Bill, a lawyer and Democratic Party rainmaker. But voters have rightly questioned whether there was more to this candidate than her last name. In our view, Shaheen would be a top candidate even if her last name was Jones or Smith. Shaheen has four children in Portsmouth’s schools. Stefany Shaheen learned from her daughter’s challenges with juvenile diabetes and helped launch a new company, Good Measures LLC, which helps people with medical conditions make better lifestyle choices to regulate their illnesses. The company now does $3 million in revenue and has 19 employees.

Shaheen has her master’s in public administration from Harvard. When asked directly whether she has the time to be on the City Council she cites a strong work ethic that allowed her to complete her MPA while pregnant with three children at home. She’s not afraid of hard work. We respect her nuanced position on parking downtown, acknowledging a new garage is needed but willing to look at options beyond the Worth lot.

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