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I was born in Portsmouth in 1974. My husband Craig and I feel so fortunate to now be raising our four children here. We would not want to live anywhere else.

My younger two sisters and I grew up in Madbury and attended Oyster River schools. At an early age, my parents taught us the importance of public service. We learned first hand what a difference good governance and responsible public policies can make in people’s lives. These lessons inspire me today.

Currently I am the co-founder and President of Good Measures, a Boston-based company that combines the expertise of Registered Dietitians with the power of technology to help people make positive changes in their eating and exercise behaviors and manage nutrition-sensitive medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. In 2010, I launched the company with my business partner, George Bennett, after years of contending with my oldest daughter Elle’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. The experience of parenting a child with a chronic, potentially life threatening disease, showed me the critical role that nutrition can play in helping people be healthy. Elle’s diagnosis also inspired me to write a NY Times Best Selling book, ELLE & COACH Diabetes, The Fight for My Daughter’s Life and The Dog Who Changed Everything, about the challenges of life with Type 1 Diabetes, and resounding sense of peace that we found after adopting a medic-alert dog specially trained to detect dangerous changes in Elle’s blood sugar levels. Elle and I became advocates for medical research as well as a more reasonable regulatory process for medical and technological advancements. I am honored to serve on the Board of Trustees at Joslin Diabetes Center, and on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Government Relations Committee following my role as the National Chair for 2011 Children’s Congress.

 Prior to launching Good Measures, I owned and operated a management and communications consulting practice working with private and non-profit organizations.  My particular focus was helping organizations navigate challenging transitions.  This work grew out of my role with the Seacoast Early Learning Alliance and prior as Founding Executive Director of Early Learning NH, a statewide association of early childhood education centers formed through a merger of five organizations.  During my time with the Alliance, I helped create a system of shared services that enabled childcare centers throughout the seacoast to operate with greater efficiency. This was an invaluable experience, which reinforced the necessity of sound financial management and the value of collaboration. In 2006, Governor Lynch appointed me to serve on the New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women and I was later appointed to be Chair by the Members of the Commission. When the NH Legislature cut funding for the Commission, I worked with a team to reconstitute the Commission outside of state government by merging several non-profit organizations to form the NH Women’s Initiative. These experiences reinforced my passion for bringing people together to solve tough problems.

After I graduated from Oyster River High School, I attended Fairfield University, where I played Division 1 Volleyball and graduated magna cum laude.  I then earned a Master’s degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where I was a student delegate to the International Academy of Achievement.  Following graduation, I was a researcher at the Harvard Business School, focusing on social entrepreneurship.

I have shared many of our family experiences in a very personal way with this blog. Sharing our stories honestly and openly is a way to connect and to understand we are not alone — in our fears, joys, challenges. Thanks for letting me into your lives.


  1. Dear Stefany,

    I am so grateful that Lorraine Stiehl let me know about your book signing for Elle & Coach at the Island Tales Bookshop on Balboa Island in Newport Beach on Tuesday, October 6. I so enjoyed the opportunity to meet and speak with you and to have you sign my copy of your book.

    I am sorry that it has taken me this long to put into words the impact that Elle’s story had on me. Even though I have lived with Type 1 diabetes as my constant companion for over 57 years now and managed
    fairly well, it still makes me very emotional when I read or hear about someone else’s experience, especially young children. The trials of maintaining balance each and every day even when you do everything right and knowing that you cannot control the outcome from one day to the next, because there are just too many unaccountable variables.

    I have been fortunate for the most part and life has been good, though not without its trials. However my heart aches that anyone else must face these daily challenges. Thank goodness Coach seems to have brought peace of mind not only for you and your family, but especially for Elle. Obviously Elle radiates confidence thanks to the safety net that Coach helps to provide. She is a beautiful young lady, wise beyond her years and she knows that Coach will help her get wherever she wants to go in the future and she can take on whatever she sets her mind to without any trepidation. While we know that diabetes alert dogs are not the cure for Type 1 diabetes, they do provide the assurance that so far science and technology have not. I am so happy to have read the incredible story of how Coach has brought you to a place where life can be enjoyed, once again, without the worry of what will happen next. He and Elle make a terrific team!

    Please give my love and best wishes to Elle and tell her that I will be thinking about her. If and when you are in the southern California area I will be more than willing to travel the distance to see you, just let me know.


    Cynthia Stukey

    P.S. I am not sure what is the best email address for you, so I have sent my message to all possible in the hopes that you will receive my message.

  2. I just finished reading the book”Elle and Coach”. It was so captivating to me that I read it in one evening. I have a grandson who was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago. When I read your book I kept thinking of our Robert and all the things he is going through, so similar to Elle. Robert is 10 as of Dec and he has a diabetic pump which has made life a bit easier for him and the whole family. I wanted you to know that when I read the part about the Theatre Camp and then about the camp that accepted her, I had tears in my eyes. I don’t think the “public” realizes how difficult this disease is for the child and the family. Robert goes to a wonderful school were they have made him feel like a celebrity because of diabetes. His first science project was on diabetes and the whole school had a chance to see it. We were all so proud of him to take it in stride. Occasionally he says “i hate having diabetes” and we all feel just as horrible as he does when he says this. I don’t know that Robert will ever have a CARES dog but I thank you for the information and who knows?, maybe I will be writing again to tell you about his “Coach” Thank you for a wonderful book. Kathy Lasker

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