"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

About Me

I was born in Portsmouth in 1974 and Portsmouth has been my home for last seven years. I love this city. My husband Craig and I feel so fortunate to be raising our four children here. We would not want to live anywhere else.

My younger two sisters and I grew up in Madbury and attended Oyster River schools. At an early age, my parents taught us the importance of public service. We learned first hand what a difference good governance and responsible public policies can make in people’s lives. These lessons inspire me today.

Elle & Coach

The worst day of my life was a cold November day – November 28, 2007 to be exact. It was this horrific and terrifying day when my oldest daughter, Elle was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Our lives changed again in 2012 when we welcomed Coach into our home. Coach is a medic-alert dog trained to detect dangerous changes in Elle’s blood sugar. The impact Coach has had on Elle’s life is truly remarkable. After he joined the family, Elle seemed at ease for the first time since her diagnosis, and our family instantly fell in love with Coach. My gratitude for what he is doing for my daughter, and our family, is immeasurable, and it inspired me to write a book about the experience. Elle and Coach tells the deeper story of Elle’s diagnosis, struggles to learn to live with diabetes and how Coach changed our lives.

Good Measures

Our family struggled to help Elle manage her nutritional needs given the medication she needed to treat Type 1 Diabetes. This reality inspired me to launch Good Measures with my business partner, George Bennett, and an incredible team of dedicated professionals.

Good Measures combines the supportive encouragement and expertise of Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators with the convenience and power of the Good Measures digital platform. Our clinical experts are available when needed by phone, email, text or for in-person visits. The Good Measures app is accessible by most smartphones and on the web.

Good Measures developed a breakthrough approach to helping people track nutritional needs using the Good Measures Index. The GMI finally makes it possible to generate highly personalized meal and snack suggestions based on a person’s individual needs, goals and preferences.